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Holy Monitor — similar artists: holy monitor, the auras, the grand rapids, alien mustangs, las cobras, the grease arrestor, driftwood pyre, the dunes, the citradels, black lizard, the orange drop, the confederate dead, frankie teardrop dead, daydream machine, white shape, hurricane heart attacks, white glow, the orange revival, holy science, mellow lizard, haunted leather, the sun's evil twin, medistation, helicon, this other kingdom, the backhomes, la hell gang, the black delta movement, rancho relaxo, the stevenson ranch davidians, sound sweet sound, aunt cynthia's cabin, has a shadow, high&drys, yagow, reverends, baba naga, blue black hours, the electric lazarus, the jabberwocky band, white canyon, the 5th dimension, the space spectrum, firefriend, magic shoppe, beyond beyond is beyond records, the radiation flowers, animal bizarre, the riven, the road miles, spinda records, prince rupert's drops, the wise dude's revolver, travelling wave, the red plastic buddha, cobra family picnic, electric eye, lunar grave, first communion afterparty, routine death, driftwood drones, the spyrals, chicos de nazca, blackwater prophet, dead radio, throw down bones, deep space cowboys, the orange kyte, the kundalini genie, ghost box orchestra, dead vibrations, kill west, domboshawa, rebel drones, soul thief, jerky dirt, the holy spirit of nothing, cult of dom keller, my invisible friend, lastryko, thee telepaths, third whale, the black swells, pontiacs, the cult of dom keller, black doldrums, black sand, luna cruise, atomonaut, celestial bums, new candys, black woods, tuna de tierra, the janitors, sundays&cybele, the lucid dream, КОМВУИАТ ЯОВОТЯОИ, parasol caravan, the wheelers of oz, mountain dust, dream rimmy, bad liquor pond, nonn, carcaňo, viaticum, betrayers, 10 000 russos, battosai, otehi, doctor sax, chatham rise/thelightshines, lamagaia, the mushroom club, the telescope, tales of murder and dust, electric riders, the moonshine brand, shellfin, rip kc, james vieco band, bourbon, guadal tejaz, foam giant, the valkarys, val cale, clustersun, john-paul hughes (helicon), francois sky, mexicoma, oceΔnss, lola colt, locusts, psychic lemon, moaning cities, electric valley records, wild raccoon, space slavery, mystic brew, lord montague, lizard queen, sisters of your sunshine vapor, dead gurus, twin speak, great rift, hieronymus dream, the wild century, chatham rise, 1886, cemënteri, violence of the sun, sons of apache, bentrees, viaje a 800, maragda, scaevola's fire, golden smoke, seven planets, gnob, sherpa the tiger, sekba, the black waves, smokey mirror, snowy dunes, eat your own head, holy mount, brain pyramid, the demon parade, sahara surfers, kayleth, narla, the televibes, stone priest, juleah, our solar system, howlin' banana bands, psych lovers, color horror, pretty lightning, black orange, limestone whale, partícula, mondo infiel, mount soma, la era de acuario, the third sound, dirty army, his masters voice - the devils blues, bilderberg motel, the deserteurs, the karovas milkshake, spacelord, the judge, ugatz, híbrido, mocker's, wall of death, dryasdust, 2.62 ms