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burden limbs
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tags: techno stoner psychobilly psychedelic post-rock
subdomains: glasshouserecords supernovasect

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08/2022 It Can Never Be Satisfiedburden limbs
alternative drone industrial post-punk post-rock noise rock
08/2021 In The Fleshburden limbs
alternative drone post-rock noise rock experimental rock crust
04/2021 Burden Limbs - In The Flesh - Supernova Sect Performanceburden limbs
alternative psychedelic stoner fuzz
10/2020 Surgeryburden limbs
alternative techno drone electronica dark ambient dub
09/2019 There Is No Escapeburden limbs
alternative noise drone heavy jank
11/2017 Demoburden limbs
alternative folk lo-fi outsider anti-folk psychobilly
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