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tags: electronic experimental alternative lo-fi
subdomains: astrospace astronomy487 hasegawa shallnotfade teamastro ultragashrecords umikairos recoverycenter korobushka abhorrentcreationtapes recordings frostrootrecords absurdexposition astrokluizenaar norentrecords

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11/2022 Outer Shon EP ★★★★★astro
electronic techno house deep house dance breaks
10/2022 Inmersoastro
electronic experimental alternative pop lo-fi dubstep [CC BY-SA]
08/2022 somewhere in the milky wayastro
electronic electronica fun [CC BY]
07/2022 Adiós track — astro
electronic alternative rock indie lo-fi dubstep [CC BY-SA] NYP
07/2022 HYPER SPACE Kickastro
electronic hardcore dubstep bass music neurofunk hardcore techno
06/2022 Too much!!astro
electronic electronica fun [CC BY]
12/2021 F of Xastro
electronic [CC BY]
12/2021 A menor track — astro
electronic alternative lo-fi indie pop dubstep future bass [CC BY-SA] NYP
11/2021 Entanglement esmectatons astro
experimental noise industrial avant-garde harsh noise electroacoustic
11/2021 Didgeridoo Psyrootumi kairos astro
hip-hop/rap ambient instrumental beats downtempo vaporwave
10/2021 Adormecido (R.S.) track — astro
electronic alternative house lo-fi jazz dubstep [CC BY-SA] NYP
10/2021 Compilation Album vol.4 astro
experimental noise drone harsh music concrete
09/2021 ORCHESTRATIONS TO PARADISEastro yantra and recovery center
experimental industrial harsh noise power electronics
09/2021 Orchestrations To Paradise recovery centre yantra astro
experimental punk noise post-punk powerviolence [CC BY-ND]
09/2021 No se detendrá track — astro
electronic alternative hip hop indie lo-fi trap [CC BY-SA] NYP
experimental harsh noise experiemental japanoise
08/2021 Desapareceré track — astro
electronic alternative lo-fi dubstep garage future bass [CC BY-SA] NYP
08/2021 Compilation Album vol.3 astro
experimental noise drone harsh music concrete
06/2021 Obligado a ver el amanecer (R.S.) track — astro
electronic alternative ambient lo-fi dubstep synth [CC BY-SA] NYP
06/2021 Compilation Album vol.2 astro
experimental noise drone harsh music concrete
06/2021 Thorn Bug / Astrothorn bug astro
experimental metal noise industrial free improvisation
05/2021 Síncope track — astro
electronic experimental alternative lo-fi dubstep future bass [CC BY-SA] NYP
05/2021 Lost in the Land of "Liberty" astro
electronic alternative ambient metal rap dungeon synth
05/2021 Delta Arcanum ★★astro
experimental noise harsh noise power electronics [CC BY-ND]
05/2021 Into The Past EP ★★★★★astro
electronic house deep house dub techno space
05/2021 Mindsetsastro
electronic [CC BY]
04/2021 Samadhiastro
hip-hop/rap hip hop jazz trip hop breakbeat
03/2021 Aún no te he encontrado (R.S.) track — astro
electronic alternative indie house lo-fi dubstep [CC BY-SA] NYP
03/2021 "May All Things Dissolve In The Ocean Of Bliss" (NORENT026) ★★★★☆astro white widow
electronic experimental ambient noise avant-garde classical
03/2021 Japanese Royal Blueastro
experimental noise drone harsh music concrete
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