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tags: experimental electronic ambient vaporwave
subdomains: xik6 grimmgoatrecords 22unxveridif midisuicideinboxesmidmidieq occasionallytapes olivaproducciones heartlockets newwordsglobal themuseumofviralmemory deepmemorygarden underscorescarecrow dittofused outlawfiendz janitorsetlist lde mutilomaquia lowlifecartel ptttttp jp hambag weaver tildelta 10wheelchairthresholdramp gulikrecords greater knobber

12/2022 new video 1 songs from Max 8 set 1 — .bad
experimental sound art [CC BY-SA]
11/2022 new video 1 songs from Max 8 set 5 — .bad
experimental sound art [CC BY-SA]
11/2022 MAI NEW THOMAS DA TANK ENGINE TOY (✿◠‿◠)!! short — when ur at ur friendz hous for a sleepover ✿╹◡╹
electronic vaporwave plunderphonics broken transmission NYP
11/2022 ATLCSY — - -bad
electronic experimental ambient pop drone avant-garde
11/2022 auDIo-x — deadskin --
experimental ambient noise industrial post-rock electroacoustic NYP
11/2022 Florrus — +/<<bad
11/2022 OD — +/<<bad
11/2022 ⬭ — ⬭bad
experimental ambient vaporwave nightcore [CC BY] NYP
11/2022 Chiasmata — (,.,)bad
experimental ambient hip hop jazz electro beats NYP
11/2022 An Elegy In The Moment Of Death — ☢⊕∏∧ ⋫∛⋥⋍∞∦∙∳ ≅⋎⋈∝≠∅∆∤ ⊚⋑⋐⊫⋕∿∔⊌∀bad
experimental noise classical musique concrete contemporary classical new music [CC BY-SA] NYP
11/2022 Ne L'écoutez-Pas Les Enfants! — deadskin --
experimental ambient noise industrial post-rock electroacoustic NYP
11/2022 何も見つかりません — ✂♥️bad
ambient vaporwave love slushwave deathdream [CC BY-SA] NYP
11/2022 alpineairplane — 👁👁👁bad
electronic experimental noise minimal vaporwave plunderphonics [CC BY-SA] NYP
11/2022 WEEKEND DEAL short — 👎🖐❄❄🏳☞🕆💧☜👎bad
electronic ambient vaporwave breakcore lofi hiphop heavy NYP
11/2022 ana 4 ya hoez track — ( kushface berrymane )bad
hip-hop/rap phonk
11/2022 Demos, Songs, and other things — ...bad
spoken word NYP
11/2022 look at that, it isn't that — ~bad
electronic experimental soundtrack dream pop glitch bass music
11/2022 Compromised with something vicious — ₥bad
electronic techno NYP
11/2022 Kodoku — saverio celestri △ prince de takicardie tundramane ko$te solar alliance shampoo
electronic experimental ambient techno rap electro
11/2022 𝕍𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕒𝕡𝕖 𝔼𝕤𝕔𝕒𝕡𝕖 — ⌽⌽⌽bad
experimental vaporwave funny soundcloud rap NYP
11/2022 (((さらうんど))) / Lost And Found (Extended Version) — (()) sssurroundddbad
electronic alternative instrumental glitch
11/2022 🍡 short — 🍡bad
experimental adventure
11/2022 A black & white photograph of T​​​.​​​S. Eliot yelling at a dog because he is not a cat — ෴bad
experimental experimental electronic ambient electronic [CC BY]
experimental breakcore death internet night NYP
10/2022 Camrybringers — ~∆bad
experimental vaporwave NYP
10/2022 [[] — [[]bad
experimental noise kids
10/2022 Lost Demo [GLK-🗡️🗡️🗡️] short — 🗡️bad
10/2022 遺PAU track — ,bad
experimental noise NYP
10/2022 Orca Talker track — <;>bad
electronic ambient drone other meditational NYP
10/2022 my body is a temple — "^"bad
electronic drone ambient meditation music
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